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Her voice is X-rated in the U.S.

People, remember this name: Ann-Margret. Simple and easy, just like the girl herself.

Ann-Margret, 19, is the girl who will become the biggest Swede in Hollywood since Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman. She's a sexy, beautiful, intelligent, ambitious, green-eyed brunette. She sings, dances and acts.

Critics have said: "She moves like Elvis, we call her 'The Animal, her voice should be X-rated, she's filming with Bette Davis, she starrs with Pat Boone and Bobby Darin, etc, etc".

Audiences have said: "She's what's happening in show business".

One of her records has sold 1 million copies, and for long time she's been on the hit lists. So here's the advise one more time: remember this name: Ann-Margret. She's already big, and she'll be bigger still.

The fact that you haven't heard of her has an explanation. She didn't, like other Swedish Hollywood stars, start her career in Sweden. Ann-Margret has live practically whole her life in the U.S. She arrived there at the age of 5.

Aha, we all thought, then she doesn't remember or care for Sweden any more?

No way. While strolling around Fox Studios, she came running and grabbed my shoulder.And she didn't exactly say what you expected form a girl called "The Animal". Instead it came as a total surprise: "I hear that you're Swedish. I must get a chance to practise my language. I'm so sorry that I have almost forgotten all, since I was 5. It may seem ignorant of a young girl not being able to speak her native tongue, but I hope you understand that in 14 years you can forget a lot. I promise to take every chance I get to practise so I can speak it when I return to Sweden."

And sure, Ann-Margret, we love what you say, and therefor, we dare to call you "our" artist and we enjoy your success.

Ann-Margret Olsson left Valsobyn for the U.S. There, she grew up outside Chicago. You could tell early that she was to become an artist. Whatever she did, it was clear to everyone that this was no ordinary girl.

She had a good education, and took several special university courses for up-and coming arists.

She had the looks, the voice, the mimic, and she soon took off. Movie parts came, the records sold. Her wages rose sky high, soon she earns $1 million - per month!

She also has a sense for drama. At home, she's always dressed in black tights and a black jumper. While she's pacing the room, trying to study her lines, she takes small dance steps and waves her hair, and it's hard to believe that it's the same girl who so sweet and shyly spoke Swedish.

Ann-Margret has been connected to several of Hollywood's most eligable bachelors - Elvis, Bobby Rydell, Ty Hardin and Peter Mann, who is her co-star in the Bette Davis-film.

But my guess is - Frankie Avalon. They are always together, doing things young people do - and evidence keep piling up - he recently gave her they best he had, his siamese kitten. And she wasn't braking up with him when she returned it, it was just that her landlady didn't allow cats.

Well, well, when Hollywood is creating a star, they go for it big time. The story about Peter Mann was spiced up with the story of how shooting was interrupted all the time, because they were so shy. Until time came for them to kiss in front of the camera.

The truth is however, that she loves to sun-bathe, that she's with her hair-dresser for ages, that she loves tight-fitting jumpers, and the fact that she livbed in Sweden as achild must not be forgotten.

She's very curious about her native country. She's forgotten all about it, except the fact that there were many trees where she lived. Therefor, she was so happy, when it was talk about her coming to Sweden to shoot a film next year. She might say yes, even if she won't earn near enough as much as her regular money.

"I'm silly and sentimental, and I really want to see how my Valsjobyn is."


By Staffan Heimerson


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